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The COVID crisis came  as we were getting ready for our annual fundraising event on April 25th and had to cancel it. While you are missing out on this tasty dinner and fun event, Messeret Ethiopia’s children are missing out on so much more.

Your donation will insure the children of Messert Ethiopia have food and basic medical care.

100% of your donations go to help the children and their families. 

Donation can be made online at or via check made payable to Messeret Ethiopia and mailed to P.O.Box 39541 Baltimore, MD 21212

Thank you for all your help!


Messert Ethiopia is working to make a difference in the lives of Ethiopia's children by proving them with education, after school tutoring, monthly food stipend to their families and medical care. 


 Celebrate your special moment like :-

  •  Your birthday

  •  Your family members’ birthday

  • Anniversary of a family member’s death. 

  •  Wedding anniversary

  •  Graduation

  •  Holidays 

    By donating just because you want to (-:

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