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Not ready to make a long-term commitment, but would like to make a one-time donation? We appreciate every bit of support we get as there are times that sponsors withdraw from the program due to personal problems and we have to cover the sponsorship until we solicit for new sponsors; your contribution would allow us to continue our assistance to these children seamlessly.

Sponsorship fee for each child starts at $120.00/ Six months, though some children’s need might be more than others so sponsors are encouraged to adjust the amount according to the needs of the child they sponsor. Sponsorship money is sent once every six months to minimize the processing and wiring fee the bank charges. Every six months each child’s progress report is sent to the person who sponsored the child. Sponsors are requested to review the report and reconcile the amount of sponsorship money that they would like to send for the next sponsorship cycle. Sponsors are encouraged to directly correspond with their sponsored children.

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All donations to Messert Ethiopia go directly to our children we have been helping since 1999. Your gift will have tremendous impact on the lives of our children and help them to have the skills, vision and motivation to change their lives. Thank you for your help!

Mailing address-Messert Ethiopia P.O.Box 39541 Baltimore, MD 21212

 Please use Paypal from our website (Donate button). Thank you!

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