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Join the Messert Ethiopia Board

If you believe in the value of nonprofit sector and you would like to be part of Messert Ethiopia's agenda, we have a chair for you at our boardroom table.


Messert Ethiopia is looking for energetic, passionate people to:

Build community networks

Act as change catalysts in the community

Serve as ambassadors for our nonprofit sector.

Our expectations are simple. Board members must:

Hold Messert Ethiopia membership.

Commit to a two-year term with an option to renew for one additional term.

Adhere to Messert Ethiopia code of Conduct. 

Attend monthly FaceTime board meetings

Actively participate in strategic planning and committee work.

Represent Messert Ethiopia occasionally at external events.

Publicly support the work of the sector in the community.

Interested? Submit your Expression of Interest with an attached CV to



With all that is going on in today’s world we really feel the despair and very little hope, but we must remember that changing the world starts by helping one child at a time. At times it feels what we are currently doing for these children is very small, but for a child that has no one or a family that doesn’t know where the next meal will come from or how they will send their children to school, it is a whole lot. So, we should not despair that we are not doing more, but have faith that soon we will be able to do even more.



Messert Ethiopia, it’s all about making a child’s dream come true.

Providing a small group home and the nearest thing to a family for our kids who lost their families; and giving children from destitute families a safe haven in the form of an after-school program with targeted tutoring and one hot meal a day, six-days a week, these are two worthy programs

that deserve your generous support!

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