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Yene wed enat saydeges aytalam aydel yemibalew esuan wesdo anchin setegn.temesgen ewnetem meweled kuankua new.

The above is a direct quote from her Facebook post, in which she stated that although she lost her mom, Bezunesh, the lady in the picture who is the house mother at Burayu home has become her beloved mother. She thanked God for her!Bezunesh traveled from Addis to Mekele to be present at Fantanesh's graduation, just like the mom she is.


Fantanesh Gebre Mariam started at the Teklehaimanot sponsorship program and later on went to live at the Burayu group home after losing her mother.  She graduated from Mekele University majoring in Theatrical Arts on June 23rd 2018.


Parents and guardians of children in the sponsorship program around Burayu.

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Million Fekadu is a 7 years old orphan boy who resides in the Burayu home, he is in Kindergarten 3. He likes school and does well. He is sponsored locally.

Nardos Tesfaye is 15 and a resident of the Burayu home. She is in 9th grade, doing really good in school. She has a lovely voice and likes to sing hymns. She has a sponsor.

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